We  believe that easy-to-use clean data is a critical part of effective advocacy, fundraising, and organizing.   We provide services to progressive and  movement-based organizations to achieve that goal.

CiviCRM Development

Megaphone Tech specializes in planning, implementing and supporting CiviCRM,  a free and open-source tool designed for non-profit organizations to track their interactions with their constituents.

We additionally provide data migration and cleaning services on a wide range of database systems.

Website Development

We plan and build websites using the WordPress, Drupal and Backdrop platforms.  We specialize in websites that need to make a lot of data available to visitors and staff in a friendly way.

Website/Database Maintenance Plans

For a flat monthly fee, we will ensure that your website and/or CiviCRM database is running smoothly.  This includes monitoring, backups, security updates, and more. Learn more about our maintenance plans.