Maintenance Plans

Megaphone Tech’s maintenance plans give us the responsibility to ensure that your website and database are up and running for a flat monthly fee. This includes:

What You Get

  • Upgrades (including security patches);
  • Monitoring – to spot issues before they affect visitors and staff;
  • Emergency troubleshooting assistance;
  • Backup and backup testing;
  • SSL certificates – we’ll deploy, renew and monitor them.
  • A test site – so you can test changes before you roll them out.

Maintenance plans are available for: CiviCRM, Drupal, WordPress and Backdrop systems, plus the servers they run on.


Megaphone Tech operates on a sliding scale, and maintenance plans are tied to your hourly rate ($180/hr down to $90/hr for the smallest organizations).

  • Maintenance for website OR CRM: 45 minutes
  • Maintenance for website AND CRM: 75 minutes
  • Maintenance for the server: 15 minutes + $5 backup (up to 50GB; $5 each additional 50GB)

Do you need on-call support for user questions? We also offer support plans.