Why is working here different?

Megaphone Technology is a very profitable company – but that was never the intent. We believe in people before profit, and believe a healthy working environment is the most important benefit. It’s a shame that we need to list these “perks” because they’re what every job should have, but because so few do:

We want you to:

  • Relax at home. When your workday ends, we want you to turn off your work messages.
  • Feel like work conforms to your schedule. Whether it’s therapy, picking up the kids, or you just partied too hard on the weekend, you have the flexibility to shift your schedule.
  • Feel like your authentic self at work. Your identities will be respected. A client consistently screws up your pronouns? You stay, they go.
  • Make your personal life your own. We don’t drug test, we don’t police your social media.
  • Develop your skills. Technology changes quickly, and we want you to feel like you’re able to keep up on company time, not your own.
  • Expand your network. Building contacts is an important part of advancing in your career; we want you to have the opportunity to attend the conferences that make that possible.
  • Contribute to open source software. We believe that we can’t achieve liberation while corporations control the tools of communication. You’ll spend significant amounts of time contributing improvements that will be used by folks far beyond our paying clients.