Responding to the current moment

As the nation responds to the deaths of numerous Black folks at the hands of police, countless organizations have been expressing their support for the protests. There’s nothing we can say that hasn’t been said better already. We want to focus on what we specifically can do in this moment to be a part of our movement. So effective immediately:

  • Work related to police accountability and/or protests will get a free upgrade to our best service-level agreement. It will be top priority, no rush fees, and we will start work within one hour. Contact us to discuss need-based cost reduction.
  • Megaphone Tech staff arrested at protests will receive their full pay while they are in jail, plus the following 24 hours to recuperate.
  • We have already given (and will continue to give) our time and money as individuals; if an opportunity to contribute funds as an organizational level arises we will take it.
  • We support the diversity of tactics that folks choose to use in their pursuit of justice. All of this applies regardless of the methods of protest folks engage in.

We ask our other clients for understanding and patience as our work capacity shifts to accommodate our jailed employees and our police accountability work. Justice is often inconvenient.

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